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Who We Are

A team of creatives who collaborate to create stories that help our clients deliver measurable results to their audience We are strategic we are creative STRATEGY: strategy is the foundation of our approach. It’s the lens we utilize to identify what your brand stands for, to whom it should speak, what it would say and where it should say it CREATIVITY: creativity is the platform through which we achieve resonance and elevate brand conversation Started as a freelance skilled in different areas of design, development, videos, and animation. Passion turned into profession and here we are today Helped 100+ businesses and finished around 500+ projects

Our Process

ENGAGE – Brief in hand, we immerse ourselves completely, analysing the brand and the competition to define the identity benchmark. Deign thinking tools, from persona thinking tool, from persona building to free associate and plotting customer journeys, are employed in intense brainstorming. To output a strategic brand positioning statement, including the target audience persona, benefits and values, to arrive at identity brief

IDEATE – Spring boarding from the strategic engage stage to the more freewheeling ideate, free listing and discussions in small groups explore alternate routes true to the positioning. This is like a scrum, and ideation without limits or boundaries is encouraged. All groups present visual ideas and the best ones re shortlisted to execution

EXECUTE – All shortlisted options are developed into a complete visual identity kit, which comprises all brand assets (brand mark, font families, colour palates, signature graphics, etc.)

ExecuteAll – These are then validated for adaptation across media, physical and digital. At this stage, ideas may be rejected before final options are represented to clients