The Indian advertising industry is witnessing a large-size shift. because of low 4G data rates and affordable broadband plans, squandering of entertainment has shifted from television to mobile phone. This shift has meant a challenge for traditional advertising agencies, as they have the implied liability of scaling up to communication

communication that’s tailored and hooked to their favourite handheld gadget. as we are much familiar, for the last few years this shift has propelled new genre of Digital Advertising Agencies. Interestingly, this has surfaced the way for categorization of creative setups – the

‘Digital Advertising’ vertical of a big agency network; the ‘in-house agency’ of a big brand that can afford to have its own creative hub; and fist-sized digital boutiques taking up all things and any-thing Digital. What’s also to be observed is that with Print advertising taking a backseat and Digital media taking the front seat, the need for digital content has arrived. Because today, a brand’s presence on Social Media

(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok) platforms. Given this change, today there are more agencies ready to handle the Digital communication of a business. Let’s also consider the fact that Digital as a medium is more quantifiable and versatile than traditional media. But then, there’s more to Digital than just Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Digital is fast beginning to take different forms and formats in India giving us various marketing opportunities: