Now how do you start talking to your potential customers and get ready with a post-lockdown preparation? we’ve got your back. We recommend you to calm down, put a pen to paper, and start gathering your business plans. Digital Marketing can be your go-to strategy and activity, at least going forward when staying indoors might become the normal. There are number of tools within the confines of Digital Marketing you can maximize on. The firstly you need to adapt yourself to the world of Digital Marketing in the times of COVID-19.

Let’s move to the Digital Marketing and what all can you do under it Digital Marketing The Digital age has long arrived. There are several tools you can make the most of, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Google Ads campaign, PPC (Pay Per Click), Blogs, etc. All of these can generate sales through your website. Social Media Marketing For many, the source of Entertainment and Knowledge is Social Media. Since the start of the lockdown, lot of people have been spending much time on online – mostly on the Social. From Facebook to TikTok, there’s a world of Social Media platforms to put your brand on.

Tip 2: Now is the time to be noticed by the audience. Because staying indoors is one major advice that would help in keeping yourself away from COVID-19. And this is when people are glued-in to their screens for amusement, which means, it’s chance for your brand to be identified and heard right when you want.

Content Marketing There are several content platforms, where your brand can be showed up. A lot of entertainment is being consumed on online. we have options all the way from news websites, YouTube videos, OTT apps, e-newspapers and e-magazines.

SMS Marketing It’s a potentially way to reach out to your customers if you are smart about the messaging. All you have is 160 characters to communicate your selling proposition. But then, it is also the quickest way to reach out to them and make sale happen. All in these are times when you should set forth with new ways to make your brand seen – ASHVAA CREATIVE CO can help you in putting your brand on Digital platforms right from scratch.