Lockdown has affected many businesses, so every business need look for new marketing plans. If your brand is active on Social Media / Digital platforms, so this is little reason not to worry about your business. This is the time for your business to reach out for targeted audience on Digital platforms, as audience are spending a lot of time on their personal devices

Let’s now look at some numbers: – 87% of significant increase in social media usage during lockdown – People spending almost more than 2 hours on social media platforms study have revealed that people have turned to the television, which at some point of time. That preference towards ‘streaming media’ beginning to rise over ‘broadcasting media’.

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The lockdown, which has created major hurdles and obstacles in everyday life, has created opportunities for both – brands and individuals specializing.

So, boredom is finding its way out in different mediums like television and internet, with a majority of entertainment is consumed on streaming platforms. The above numbers clearly indicate on where to reach your potential target consumers.