You must be worrying about what’s coming next for your business, but there are some things that can get prepared and hold your customers with you, you can be the interface that makes them feel you are with them, you are there for them – all along the troubles in the season. Alongside, you can use this situation to be in your favours for the brand in a way that makes it look good. So here are the possible ways we think, which would help you to make new path for your brand and business..

Tip 1: If you are thinking to cut down on your social media budgets drastically, we say wait for a second. If you have a business that isn’t indirectly or directly being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might want to be seen in the space that your competitor brands have withdrawn from. Step in now, we insist.

Tip 2: Now is the time to be noticed by the audience. Because staying indoors is one major advice that would help in keeping yourself away from COVID-19. And this is when people are glued-in to their screens for amusement, which means, it’s chance for your brand to be identified and heard right when you want.

Tip 3: Don’t bombard your social media with ‘COVID-19 Safety and Precautions’ post, because every post on media and WhatsApp are much about that. They are excessive so don’t get added to the crowd. You would stand the chance of being ignored for being the ‘I-too-shall-be the same’. Instead, of that do something that will make your brand seen with a smile, especially in times like these.

Tip 4: Induce or intensify the ‘home delivery’ concept of your business. With social gathering being dishearten and people are preferred to stay indoors, now is the time to give a helping hand to your customers – and giving your business a fresh approach for creating new customers. No matter the size of your business, you will always be welcomed if you are landing up for a ‘home delivery’. Tip 5: One appropriate way to connect with your customers is to appear in the ‘social responsibility’ quotes of your business. If you have the budget, the space – place a hand sanitiser in your store, give away precaution mask, and reach the one extra mile to keep surroundings of your sanitized. Tough, we hope that the Coronavirus is a occurrence that will soon vanish away. Just mark a moment and make an effort to reduce the fright of COVID-19 in your own way, engaging your brand in a smart and sensible way.